Top End Motocross Club

2020 MSNT Volunteer of the Year

Luke Skillington "Skillo"

Of all our club volunteers that could be nominated for this annual award, one strikes the committee as no more deserving than Luke Skillington. It is my pleasure as the President of TEMCC to recommend him for the MSNT 2020 Volunteer of the Year and list below some of the reasons why we believe he should be recognized.

Luke has gone above and beyond the duties of the TEMCC Motocross Track Manager in the 2020 Season not only by his selflessness commitment in building a national standard MX track, in addition to bringing the TEMCC Complex up to a safe respectable tidy standard for all club members, visitors and spectators.

He has made a measurable impact in the past 11 months to club by minimising future expenses for the club with engineering an inhouse watering system for all tracks at the complex, forward thinking in the development stages of the track to guarantee ease of ambulance access and safe removability of injured riders and in addition as sourcing sponsorship for track improvements and machinery maintenance at nil cost to the club.

Despite the overwhelming amount of work that was required in building and maintaining the main MX track, Luke consistently finds the time to help other club members, parents and riders. His willingness to assist others and his commitment to the sport is unequalled.

His contribution to other members and the club becomes all the more impressive when you consider the many hours he works away from his family and he can still be seen at the club for hours, even days before our events to ensure all is in place for the safety for all club members to compete.

Luke is always among the first to volunteer when help is required eg. Scrutineering and being first on seen to check on riders that have had a mishap. He understands the goals and purposes of the club better than most.

He has made big achievements in a short period of time and the type of man who shuns publicity, preferring to act rather than speak or have the limelight shone on him for his actions instead insisting that was just his job this season. His achievements have not only developed TEMCC into a 21st century club but as well in developing the skills of our young and senior riders for years to come.

Without ignoring the contribution of all our club volunteers, after consideration “Skillo” is who best exemplifies the qualities of this award.