Top End Motocross Club

Club History

The Top End Motocross club was formed in 1998 to meet the needs of Darwin’s young motorcycle riders who at that stage, had no organised facility to utilise. Since this time the club has continued to grow to its current stage of some 300+ members and boasts a facility which includes 3 tracks (natural terrain, motocross and mini bike), clubrooms including canteen facilities, shaded spectator areas and ancillary facilities to assist the function of the club, members and spectators alike. This facility is the Campbell Park Motocross Complex located on Catalina Road, Palmerston.

Motocross is a sport that continues to grow in Australia with increasing licence holders participating in organised events across the country. Darwin has seen this trend continue with membership continuing to grow. The club hosts regular race meetings throughout the year and also allows access to the facility all year round for training, coaching and practicing. 

Motocross forms part of the Motorsports NT calendar and the club is affiliated with both Motorsports NT and Motorcycling Australia who contribute and assist the club to maintain a safe and controlled environment for all participants – from 4 years of age through to veteran and master class riders.


The purpose of the club is to continue to provide a safe and controlled facility for all users. This is achieved under the guidance and control of Motorcycling Australia (the sport’s governing body in Australia). As previously mentioned, the club facilities are well utilised and the club assists the local community to control the amount of illegal dirt bike riding especially in junior age riders. This in itself is a win for the club and continues to motivate the club to provide further events and activities at the facilities including coaching days provided by visiting eastern states coaches.