Top End Motocross Club

TEMCC Club Practices

All tracks at the TEMCC Campbell Park Complex are currently being opened under 

Non-competitive practices during the week - updates on Facebook and Email.

Non MA Licence Holders will need to purchase a non- competitive one event recreational licence through Ridernet.

TEMCC Club Practice are open for all two wheel and four wheel riders on the Natural Terrain Track unless otherwise advised, please note if you do not hold an MA National Licence you will be required to purchase a one day recreational event licence through Ridernet (per permit which is over a two week period, you are required to only purchase once).

Main MX Track

All classes from 50cc and above

$10 per rider

Natural Terrain Track

All classes 65cc and above

$10 per rider

Mini Bike Track

All classes 65cc and below

$10 per rider